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Study set "Golden Ratio"

Study set "Golden Ratio"

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A great set with a bit of everything – the Golden Ratio!

Set it up as a home office corner or a great study/creative area for your kids. Everything is easy to clip in place, giving you lots of flexibility to arrange precisely to your needs.

You can even change the desk's height so all the family can use it - especially as your little ones grow.

Key features include the angled shelf, which is perfect for displaying your tablet screens or books, and a deep storage box with a cover, for storing essential items out of sight.

Cables and charging wires can be easily hidden through a slot behind the small shelf, and under the desk is an excellent spot for storing papers and stationery - all to help keep your desk tidy and organized.

This modern pegboard includes:

  • 2x Pegboards
  • Desk with shelf 
  • Box with cover 
  • Single shelf
  • Double shelf 
  • Angled shelf
  • 2x Hooks

Our pegboard wall is easy to set up anywhere in your room or on any of our bunk beds, saving you floor space. Moving the items around the wall is easy as your needs change.

Made with beautiful natural wood, the stylish and minimalist design will surely fit any room interior. Our high-quality pressed birch materials are soft to touch and super easy to clean and maintain.

You can choose the colours and textures to suit your room.

We include instructions and critical tools for self-assembly at home, or we can arrange installation from our team. If you intend to hand the pegboard on a wall, we will include a unique wooden rail that will be used to secure the pegboard.

Check the catalogue for more pre-collected sets, and feel free to ask about custom combinations or sizes.  

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