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My daughter loves her new bed and we can sleep with the fact the rails are high and she can't get out

It's a book shelf and teddy bear holder

I'll admit, it was a little bit difficult to put together, but once setup, my daughter loves it, immediately put books on it followed by a teddy bear on each shelf. (the teddies protect the books according to her)

All the edges are rounded and smooth so I have no problem with her running up to get books and put books away. Really happy with it.

Flippable Bed Frame
Erin Wilkus
Love it

We absolutely love the sleek design, quality of the material and assembly set up. We also received wonderful customer service when I had questions around shipping costs and expected time of delivery. I received responses within hours. Lovely all around.

Aaaand our 2 yr old is finally happy to sleep in her “big bed” rather than ours! That’s a HUGE win.

Good frame

Beautiful wood and looks lovely all set up and perfect for a toddler. It wasn't too hard to put together, comes with screws and screwdriver attachment but if I didn't have handle to put attachment in I would not have been able to do screws. Delivery went smoothly but timeframes are running longer than advertised on the website. I don't mind that, but proactive updates and a delivery timeframe (over a week from collection) would be appreciated.

Wooden Floor Bed Frame
Eleanor Harris
Minimalist design, Great!

Super easy to set up, goes with anything and everything in the room, not too high my 11month old climbs on and off the bed easy peasy.

Daughter loves it

Bought this for my 5yo and she loves it. Said it’s super comfortable. And no longer wants to get into the bed with mum and dad because her bed is “more comfortable” than ours. :D

It’s the right amount of hard to be good for her but not soft enough that it’s bad for her.

Well made & Sturdy

We purchased the king single version with ladder at the end. The bunk bed is beautifully constructed with quality materials. It was easy to put together with clear instructions and seems so well made. My husband has been on the top bunk with barely a creak so it lived up to its weight rating! We love the simple clean design, I have been looking for a king single bunk for a while and this was the best quality for best price I could find - bonus that they are locally made!
Thank you!

Great choice

My 2.5yr old son loves the freedom. Easy assembly and good material. So happy with the decision


Bought one for my 5yo daughter and she absolutely loves it, the finish on the product is great, and the idea of being able to flip it and put draws under it later is awesome. I just bought a 2nd one for my youngest to transition into.

Great product, very stylish and good build quality. The team at KitSmart offered to assemble it for a small fee as well and did a great job.

Perfect for a growing kid

Sturdy and well made, and the style really suits my son's small room. I love the under drawer storage! I expect this bed to be with us for many more years.

Good bed

Good bed! Our toddler sleeps well in it and it wasn’t too hard to put together. The guard rail could do with being slightly higher - we have a very thick mattress and the guard rail doesn’t quite reach over the mattress so is rendered a bit useless but with a normal mattress it would be fine.

Great product

Simple little shelf, quality finish and easy to put together.

Multi-height bunk bed

We purchased two of these for our tamariki and have been very impressed. Well manufactured and easy to assemble. There was a small with some components not being delivered which was very quickly rectified. Would strongly recommend this as a good value product.

Great frame

A great, simple bed frame that is easy to assemble

High quality

Happy with the bed frame. I bought the rails with it but my daughter unlocks the door easily. The bed frame and mattress are really good quality and my daughter is adjusting well from cot to toddler bed.

Great product

My daughter is adjusting really well from cot to this bed.

Toddlers can unlock easily

My daughter figured out the lock in 2mins. Great quality but the door lock needs rethinking.

Perfect bed for a growing girl

We love our bed and the fact it will be able to evolve as our girl grows. Super easy to put together

A Dreamy Solution For A Tired Mum lol

I recently purchased these bunks from KitSmart for my young kids, and it's been a game-changer! The craftsmanship is stellar, and the sustainable pine not only looks fantastic but also aligns perfectly with my commitment to eco-friendly choices. Plus, the joy of supporting a local business is an added bonus.

Assembly was surprisingly easy, a relief for tired, brain-dead parents like us. Since getting these bunks, the kids have been happily sleeping in their own beds, sparing my kidneys from nightly kicks. While I miss their warm cuddles, I certainly don't miss the midnight kung-fu sessions. Bless you, KitSmart!

Pine table

While I love the Kits mart bed, under-bed drawer, bedside clip on table and end-bed shelving unit, I was disappointed with this standalone shelf. The pine is nice enough quality, but the visible **** fixings make it look very cheap and the wood isn’t finished to the same standard as the bed.

Bedside shelf

Excellent, simple little table to clip on to the bed frame

Great quality bed

Really pleased with the quality of this bed. Great value for money, built and finished well. We bought the bundle with built-in end shelving unit, under-bed sliding drawer and clip on bedside table. It all went together quite intuitively, which was useful, because there was a lack of clarity, and a couple of errors, in the assembly instructions for the bed. There were also no assembly instructions for the under-bed drawer included.

My only minor criticism would be that the fit between the base of the drawer and the frame was too tight and I couldn’t get the floor panels to fit without eventually slighting planing off their edges.

Fantastic bed

I was really impressed with the workmanship of this bed. Really solid bunk. The bottom bunk has enough room for an adult to sit and read a book. We got the drawer which has been very handy and worth it. As it was untreated wood, we gave it a coat of varnish just to protect it. My daughter loves it and so do we.

Perfect toddler bed

This bed is perfect for our soon to be 3 years old daughter who has Down Syndrome. Gives her the freedom of a big bed and feeling like a big kid without the worry of falling out and hurting herself. We paired it with the “bigger bed bumper” from the sleepstore after I found her curled up asleep on the floor at 4am. Works a treat.