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Pressed Birch (Plywood). What Should You Know?

Our pressed birch panels are crafted using thin sheets of birch veneer, resulting in a wood panel that boasts superior strength and rigidity properties, as well as resistance to humidity. Its stunning smooth finish has made it a popular choice around the world.
We take pride in sourcing our birch from FSC-certified forests, which means that it meets the highest standards for ethical and sustainable production. Our wood is harvested from responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable forests.
What sets our pressed birch panels apart is the ClearPly transparent coating film that covers the wood. This coating is long-lasting and durable, protecting the wood from scratches, dirt, and liquids. The soft-touch surface is easy to clean, eliminating the need for extra polishing.
In conclusion, our pressed birch panels are the highest quality and most beautiful interior material available, offering durability, sustainability, and easy maintenance.

Our plywood panels are known for their remarkable strength and rigidity and offer excellent moisture resistance. 

Additionally, we also make use of top-quality New Zealand pine in our products. We prioritise using non-toxic finishes and materials that meet stringent formaldehyde limitations. Specifically, our finishes meet the formaldehyde limitation of 0.1ppm according to the DIN EN 16516 test method or 0.05ppm according to the DIN EN 717-1 test method, as required in Germany.

 All wood naturally emits some formaldehyde.



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