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The Materials We Use

Featuring a spectrum of hues and finishes, our product range is crafted from eco-friendly, high-quality pressed birch. Beyond birch, we utilise premium New Zealand pine in our creations, with a steadfast commitment to sourcing all wood from FSC-certified forests.

Renowned for exceptional strength and rigidity, our plywood panels also provide superior moisture resistance, establishing them as an exemplary selection for furniture creation. They're distinguished by a gentle-touch transparent film finish, enhancing protection and simplifying maintenance. Opt for our pressed birch panels and immerse your home in a harmonious fusion of elegance, sustainability, and endurance!

NZ pine and stained option beatiful finished

Choose our premier New Zealand pine with or without a protective coating.

Our staining process employs a German-made, water-based white stain, ensuring a sleek surface coupled with UV defense. This not only delivers a persistent, vibrant white hue but also affords water-resistant protection.

Pressed birch enveloped in smooth white melamine film on each side.
Pressed birch featuring a non-slip hexagonal pattern in white on one side, and a smooth finish on the other.
Pressed birch encapsulated in sleek black melamine film on both surfaces
Pressed birch with a non-slip hexagonal pattern in black on one side and a smooth finish on the opposite side.
Pressed birch, enveloped in a sleek red melamine film on both sides.
Pressed birch with an anti-slip hexagonal pattern in red on one side, complemented by a smooth finish on the other.


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